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Category: Preventive Dentistry

How to stop Easter from Rotting your teeth

How to stop Easter from rotting your teeth

How to stop Easter from rotting your teeth… Easter for most is all about chocolate, lots and lots of it! The Easter eggs and chocolately recipes that are made every Easter season usually turn out to be just one big sweet weekend. Are you worried about your teeth during Easter?  Do you suffer every time […]

Happy Healthy Tooth Brushing Activity!

  Happy Healthy Tooth Brushing Activity Tooth brushing should be done morning and night for 2 minutes with a soft bristled toothbrush. Once all your child’s baby teeth have come through, a small amount of a childrens’ fluoridated toothpaste should be used. To correctly brush your teeth, use small strokes in a circular motion, paying […]

Preventing Dental Decay in Children

Preventing Dental Decay in Children

February 09th 2017 • Preventive Dentistry

Katelyn shares her TOP FIVE TIPS to preventing dental decay in children Katelyn our Oral Health Therapist at Harris Dental Boutique in Bargara loves to make your child’s visit a fun one. Katelyn is specially trained to see Children and has a special interest in helping families understand the importance of preventing dental decay in […]

Smile Vanuatu

Smile Vanuatu

Some of you may remember our Dental Assistant Katelyn, who decided to pursue a career as an Oral Heath Therapist… Katelyn is now in the final year of her 3 year degree. Recently Katelyn attended a volunteer program with Smile Vanuatu, so I sat down with her and she shared her experience with me. Smile […]

Visiting the dentist in Bundaberg

Is it time to visit the dentist?

The dreaded Dentist!  Visiting the dentist in Bundaberg! Yes, there I said it, the dreaded dental visit! For most people this is often a nerve-wracking experience, just thinking about picking up the phone and making that appointment is stressful and completely normal! Visiting a dentist can be an embarrassing and emotional time, whether it is […]

Prevent Dental Decay

Prevent Dental Decay  – Nutrients naturally present in Milk, cheese and yoghurt such as Calcium, Casein and Phosphorus play an important role in helping prevent dental decay. I know a lot of people who will be very pleased about this! We all know that dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt are good for our bones […]

Root Canal

How to have painless root canal

How to have painless Root Canal -Bundaberg and Bargara Dentist Dr Linc reveals the truth about having a root canal treatment at the dentist. Root canal therapy is frequently considered to be a most painful and tedious dental treatment… However it doesn’t have to be. So let’s look at why it get’s painful. Cavities in teeth […]

Dental Technology Bundaberg

What do you want

No one wants dentistry.  There, I said it. People sometimes want what dentistry can do for them. No one wants someone to extract their tooth, but sometimes people do want to be free from pain and extracting a tooth is how you get there. No one really wants an implant.  What they really want is […]

Claim your Dental Benefit

Snoring! Does it affect your child’s grades at school?

Unhealthy or blocked airways are starting to be increasing linked to a range of dental and other developmental problems. In the old days, tonsils and adenoids were routinely removed to avoid infection.  With modern antibiotics, very few people have their adenoids or tonsils removed unless they have very severe occurrence of infection.  This has possibly lead […]

Beware of the Sporting Sins

August 06th 2015 • Dental Health, Preventive Dentistry

How your actions on and off the field impact your oral health It is Dental Health Week and in 2015 the Australian Dental Association is promoting and educating Australians about the effects of gym supplements, sports drinks and not wearing a mouthguard… Beware of the Sporting Sins! According to the ADA The Seven Sins of […]

When something is wrong in your mouth

August 05th 2015 • Dental Health, Preventive Dentistry

It can take a bit of the enjoyment out of life. Sure, dental issues aren’t serious like heart problems. But even if they don’t make you sick, they can be quite disabling. Don’t be embarrassed! While you might be terribly embarrassed and emotional about your teeth, we won’t judge you on the state they are […]

Looking for a local dentist near Bundaberg?

February 17th 2015 • Anxiety, Dental Health, Preventive Dentistry

What is holding you back from your next dentist appointment? Are you worried about the pain and costs associated with dental treatment? People are often concerned about pain and costs, causing anxiety about their dental treatments. We regularly find that once we have finished treating a patient, the patient is surprised at the lack of […]

5 benefits of good oral health

Did you know the condition of your oral health is connected to your overall health and wellbeing? 5 benefits of good oral health. Good oral health is a crucial to maintaining the health of your entire body. A regular oral health routine, including brushing and flossing, not only keeps your smile healthy but can also improve […]

How you can protect yourself against decay with the help of Harris Dental Boutique

It is a common oral health condition, and at Harris Dental Boutique based in Bundaberg, we are here to help… Bacteria inside the mouth survive on sweet and starchy food particles, and if left unclean, can progress to these food debris and flourish. This then forms a gluey film over the teeth known as plaque, […]

Put down that energy drink!

November 30th 2012 • Dental Health, Preventive Dentistry

Soft drinks and energy drinks are causing a major epidemic of tooth decay! A recent study has found a spike in dental decay and tooth erosion in young university students and young professionals! The cause – energy drinks and soft drinks! Changes in diet have caused an ‘epidemic’ in tooth erosion, which is not only […]

Laugh yourself healthy

Recent studies find link between laughter and overall health Recently it has been discovered that just the act of smiling, even if it is forced, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, boosts the immune system, diminishes pain and creates a youthful appearance. Go further and incorporate laughter into this equation and you have stimulated […]

Preventing Gum Disease

Keep gum disease at bay with at home prevention techniques

As well as seeing your dentist and dental hygienist regularly, it is essential to look after your teeth at home to reduce the risk of developing gum disease, which accounts for one third of tooth loss amongst adults. Combat plaque for healthy teeth and gums It is advisable to floss your teeth once a day, […]

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